Member Classification Member Since
Steve Adams Printing August 1990
Fred Arnett Justice of the Peace July 2018
Roc Arnett Community Service  February 1971
Michael Ashley Real Estate November 2016
Alan Barnes Chiropractic November 2014
Ramon Batista Mesa Police Chief July 2018
Traci Beagley Senior Care August 2016
Steve Beck Commercial Real Estate April 2001
Jay Bhagavathula Business Coach August 2016
George Bliss Commercial Real Estate September 2014
Dilworth Brinton Jr. Life Insurance April 1975
Charlie Brown Property Management November 2007
Cody Cardon Banking March 2013
Wilford Cardon Retired Petroleum  November 1982
Susan Carland Real Estate February 1995
James Christensen Community Banker September 2008
Tawnya Christensen Assisted Living February 2008
Ember Conley MPS Superintendent July 2018
Jared Cox Civil Engineer February 2002
Rich Curtis Business Finance January 2002
Randy Danielson Higher Education  January 2014
Jerry Deland Retired Banker November 1995
Vince DiBella Architecture December 2008
Sally Downey E.V.I.T. Superintendent October 2002
Jennifer Duff Importer/Exporter April 2015
Pat Esparza Community Relations May 2006
Dale Easter Marketing November 2016
Sherri Friend Senior Care July 2014
Doug Gray Retired Accountant November 1995
Charlie Gregory Higher Education  May 2018
Sally Harrison Mesa Chamber of Commerce March 2005
Craig Henry Industrial Sales January 2008
Lisa Hintzsche Banking April 2015
Eric Jackson Commercial Law  October 1994
Jamie Jarman CPA Tax Accountant October 2010
Colton Johnston  Law May 2018
Dan Kendree Insurance Broker July 2018
Carol Lain Real Estate September 2015
Tom Landry Retired Jeweler November 2010
Brian Lawson Veteran Affairs November 2017
Steve Marciano Catering July 2010
Ivan Martinez Photography February 2015
Vern Mathern Aviation  January 2008
George Medawar Auto Repair April 1983
Linda Moeser Religion  May 2014
Joe O'Reilly Higher Education  December 2001
Bud Page Real Estate September 1978
Janice Parker Business Consultant October 2004
Gerry Paulus Utilities Management October 2009
Tom Rhodes Stock Broker November 2000
Leonard Richards Banking Mortgage September 1979
Les Reill Retired Publishing September 1975
Gary Robinson Dentistry May 2014
Al Ruiz Retired Auto Repair May 1989
Tom Schildgen Higher Education  November 2007
Otto Schill Tax Law May 2007
Dan Taylor Retired Senior Services January 1991
Brad Tennison Financial Consultant October 2003
Dave Tininenko Retired Banker February 2004
Cris Tutera Real Estate February 2000
Ted Van Der Veer Retired Religion November 1988
Bryan Vivian Auto Repair January 2004
Randy Vogel Mesa Arts Center September 2002
Marty Whalen Consultant Aviation  July 1996
Jon Scott Williams Senior Housing July 1980
Jo Wilson Retired Higher Education April 2005
Ralph "Val" Wilson Orthopedic Surgeon August 1981
Chas Wirken Civil Trial Law April 1977
Jason Wiseman Investments August 2010
Ben Yanofsky Optometry February 2008
Mark Young Mesa United Way February 2016